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( A Symbol of death and destruction )

' Kali ' is derived from the word ' Kaala', which stands for two meanings-1. time or age2. darkness. It is believed that there was a state of total darkness before the origin of Universe; no life existed anywhere ! Total chaos !! the age of death and destruction !!!

Actually, death is the cause of a new life & destruction is the cause of a new shape. This energy is represented as the goddess ' Kalika.' She produces the netherworlds and destroyed them, to her desire or will.


The most famous Shaktipith of goddess Kali is situated near a famous city of India, Calclutta. The hair of goddess Sati had fallen here. There are three temples representing Kali-namely-'Raktambra', Mund-Malini and Mukt-Keshi'. The rise of one of India's greatest spiritual saints of ninteenth centuary, Sh. Ram Krishna Paramhansa, is connected with this Kali temple.

However, we are giving details of a Kali temple situated near ' kalika Ji' railway station on Chandigarh-Simla railway line. The narrow-gauge line for Simla starts from this Kalikaji railway station. There is an ancient but small and beautiful temple situated in the town.


This picture of the left ankle of "Sati-Parvati," displayed in famous temple of Bhadrakali near Kurukshetra relevant to the complete story of Sati's self - immolation referred in the next pages. ***************

The left-ankle of 'Sati' is believed to have fallen here, when Lord Vishnu cut the dead body into pieces.

This splendid-temple has been constructed on the place, which is referred as Gangadwara in the famous legends. The site, in ancient ages, had been the domain of kind Daksha, the father of Sati-Parvati and father-in-law of Lord Shiva. The king performed a sacrifice (yajna) here. Most of the lords and gods were invited at this place and offered their shares in the sacrifice, but Shiva was deliberately avoided. 'Sati' felt insulted with the behaviour of her father. Finally, when she did not see the share of her husbank, in the sacrifice, she threw herself in the fire of the alter, here. After that the head of sacrificial goat was put on the body of 'Daksha', by the lord of lords Shiva; and 'Ganga-jal' was sprinkled on him. There-after, king Daksha became alive, fixed with the head of a goat on him. He prayed the lord uttering "Bum Bum……….." in the voice of a goat. Henceforth , lord Shiva became popular as BUM - MAHADEVA..

Why to Worship the Goddess ?

The Devipurana has a story of how the sage Narada is perplexed that three gods should be always engaged in mediation. He asks Siva " We do not know anyone more worthy of worship than you, Brahma or Vishnu. Who is that higher one that is the object pf your adoration ?" Shiva replies : " That primordial and eternal Being is Parasakti. She is the Parabrahman herself. She it is that creates, maintains and destroys , now and ten she incarnates herself as Parvati, Durga, Kali, Vaishno and Saraswati……" The same purana describes how Shiva was terrified when his consort, the goddess Sati, revealed herself as the ten Mahavidyas-Kalika, Tara, Shodasi, Bhuvanesvari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Tripur-Sundari, Bhagalamukhi, Dhumavati and Matangi.


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