A Hymn to the Divine Mother

Here in this world of thine, O Mother !
Many are thy guileless children ;
But I am most turbulent among them all,
And so it is nothing very strange 
That I should turn away from you.
Yet surely it is impossible 
That thou shouldest turn away from me;
A wicked son is sometimes born
But an unjust and unkind mother there cannot he

Bewildered by the rules and regulations.
By the injunctions of religious scriptures;
I have abandoned, one by one, 
The shinning gods; and now my life,
Has passed beyond the meridian.
Gracious mother, should thee withhold mercy,
Where then I, the meek fly for shelter,
Weak and helpless as I am?

Shower Divine - Garce

Reveal thyself Oh ! Bhavani,
To thy begotten and sinful child;
How I yearn for you Oh ! Durga,
Bestow a boon of you holy Darshan;

I cry for thee, I live for thee;
The magnificient and adorable mother,
Reveal thyself Oh! Bhavani,
To thy begotten sinful child;

Thy child is blind and 
can't discriminate right and wrong,
Give me the nectar of righteousness,
And elixir of virtues Oh! Parvati ;
Reveal thyself Oh! Bhavani,
To thy begotten and sinful child.

The illusion of objective world 
has separated thy child from thee,
Cut this net of illusion and 
give me a place in the dust of thy feet;
Reveal thyself Oh! Bhavani,
To thy begotten and sinful child.

To the Goddess

O Goddess who removes the suffering of your
Supplicants, have mercy !
O mother of the whole world, be gracious !
O mistress of the universe , protect the world !
Have mercy !
You are the mistress of al that moves and moves not !
You alone are the foundation of the world,
Residing in the form of earth,
O you whose prowess is unsurpassed,
You nourish that world in the form of the waters,

You are the power of Vishnu's, endless energy.
You are the supreme seed of the universe.
O goddess, this word is deluded by your illusion !
When gracious, you are the cause of release
on earth.

O Goddess, all the sciences reside in you.
You are all women, and you are the world.
By you alone, as mother, is this world filled.
How can we praise you, you are yourself the 
Praiseworthy expression of the high and low ?

Praise be to you , Narayani, whose hands and 
Feet are everywhere,
With heads, faces and eyes in all directions,
Who watches and listens on all sides !

O Mistress of the universe, whose nature is the 
world, filled with all powers,
Save us from danger !

O goddess Durga, praise be to you !
Praise be to you, Katyayani, with kindly face !
O three - eyed Goddess, protect us from our fears!

Praised be to you, Bhadrakali !
May your horrendous trident, with points of flame,
Destroyer of all demons, guard us from danger !

May your bell that annihilates the glory of the 
Daityas when it fills the world with sound,
Protect us from evil, as your sons !

Smeared with the mire of demon blood and fact,
Ablaze with rays,

May your sword be auspicious !
O Chandika, we bow to you !

Be gracious to those who are prostrate before you,
O goddess who removes the suffering of the world !

Worthy of worship from those who inhabit the triple world,
Bestow boons upon these worlds !


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